This week we dive into Genesis 25–45!
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We hope you enjoyed our first week in Read Scripture. Last week, we saw how humanity was made to rule the world as God’s image, and how humans rebelled by seizing autonomy and defining good and evil for themselves. After this, the world spins out of control, and one might start to lose hope, but God doesn't let human evil get the final word. We are introduced to Abraham, to whom God promises to restore humanity to a place of divine blessing, somehow, through this family. God even makes a covenant with Abraham to make it clear he will not go back on his word. This week, we will learn more about Abraham and the early descendants of his family line.

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P.S. If you want to explore deeper, start with our weekly blog on Biblical Theology. This week, we talk about how God Has a Name... Many, Actually!
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Chapter 2
God's Covenant with Abraham
Day 1
Watch Genesis 12–50
Explore Genesis 1250
Read Genesis 25–28
Read Psalm 8
Day 2
Watch Literary Styles
Read Genesis 2931
Read Psalm 9
Day 3
Watch Meditation Literature
Read Genesis 32–34
Read Psalm 10
Day 4
Watch Torah: Genesis 12–50
Read Genesis 35-37
Read Psalm 11
Day 5
Watch Plot
Read Genesis 38–40
Read Psalm 12
Day 6
Watch Character
Read Genesis 41–42
Read Psalm 13
Day 7
Watch Setting
Read Genesis 43–45
Read Psalm 14
Week 2
The behavior of Abraham and his family leaves a bit to be desired, you could say. From Abraham's son Isaac, his grandsons Jacob and Esau, and, his great grandson’s betrayal of their brother Joseph, this family is permeated with deceit. However, we see that despite their consistent unfaithfulness, God never stops being faithful to them. There is hope yet, and Abraham's radical faith and God's surprising elevation of Joseph shows us that the impossible can become reality. Take a moment to consider, how might these stories change your perceptions of how God chooses people to become part of his redemptive story?
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Next week we will be finishing up the book of Genesis (nice work)! You can get ahead by watching the First Read Scripture Installment of Exodus, Exodus 1–18.
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