This week we finish 1 Kings and start 2 Kings!
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If this is your first time in the books of 1 and 2 Kings, you were probably surprised to read about “wise” Solomon’s role in the eventual splitting of the Israelite tribal kingdoms. This rift between southern Judah and northern Israel (sometimes referred to “Samaria”) can help you understand why Jesus’ parable about the “good Samaritan” was so provocative; Samaritans would continue to grow into the archenemies of the Judeans living around Jerusalem.

As you read through this section of Kings, don’t forget this is a prophetic view of history, not a historical chronicle in the modern sense. It’s an interpretation of Israel’s history by the prophets, which is why it focuses so much on the wayward kings and the prophets God sent to get them back on track. In fact, this week’s blog further explores the interplay between kings and prophets.


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P.S. Dive in further with our weekly blog on Biblical Theology. This week, we explore the role of the prophets in Kings vs. Prophets.
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Chapter 7
Rise & Fall of Israel's Kingdom
Day 1
Read 1 Kings 17-19
Read Psalm 99
Day 2
Read 1 Kings 20-22
Read Psalm 100
Day 3
Read 2 Kings 1-3
Read Psalm 101
Day 4
Read 2 Kings 4-7
Read Psalm 102
Day 5
Read 2 Kings 8-11
Read Psalm 103
Day 6
Read 2 Kings 12-14
Read Psalm 104
Day 7
Read 2 Kings 15-17
Read Psalm 105
Week 15
As you read through the rest of 1 and 2 Kings, you’ll see the narrative shift its focus from the kings (like Saul, David, and Solomon) to include more about the activity of the prophets and their opposition to Israel’s later kings. The prophets seem concerned with three things in particular: (1) Did the king lead his people in worship to Yahweh alone? (2) Did they rid Israel of idolatry? Finally, (3) were they faithful to the covenant, as outlined by the word of God in the Torah and its associated laws?

The story will focus on two famous prophets in Israel’s history (even though they don’t get a book named after them), Elijah and his protege, Elisha. As you’ll find out, very few kings measured up in the southern kingdom of Judah, and not one measures up in the northern kingdom of Samaria, which plummets quickly. You’ll see a series of political assassinations and coups lead to Israel's downfall in 2 Kings 17 when the evil empire of Assyria invades from the north and halls Israel off into exile. Only the southern kingdom of Judah remains, and that’s the focus of the remainder of 2 Kings.
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Next week, we will be picking up at 2 Kings 18 and jumping into Isaiah (watch Part 1).
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