This week we finish up Kings and dive into Isaiah!
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As you finish up the book of 1-2 Kings, we hope that the increasingly important role of Israel’s prophets has started to make sense to you. They warned that Israel was on the precipice of a major judgment by Yahweh. Their big, mean, northern neighbor was coming to take out the northern Israelite tribes. And they were right.

As you read the final chapters of 2 Kings, you’ll discover that Jerusalem suffered a similar fate when it was taken out by the Babylonians. And then the book ends. This was a watershed moment in Israel’s history and in the story of the Bible. Israel’s existence as they knew it, a national kingdom with its own rulers, on its own land with their temple. All of it will go away. The Hebrew Bible itself began to take the shape it has today in the wake of these events.

Even though this event comes in the middle of the biblical drama, its ripple effect reaches backwards and forwards. The exile to Babylon was one of the most formative events in biblical history. And so, in the order of the reading plan, we follow the ancient Jewish ordering of the Bible, which places the book of Isaiah after 1-2 Kings. Only the prophetic hope of Isaiah could turn this tragic story back into one of hope.

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P.S. Want to dive deeper? Check out our blog on biblical theology. This week we explore Jerusalem Has Fallen: Despair & Hope.
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Chapter 7
Rise & Fall of Israel's Kingdom
Day 1
Read 2 Kings 18-19
Read Psalm 106
Day 2
Read 2 Kings 20-22
Read Psalm 107
Day 3
Watch Exile
Read 2 Kings 23-25
Read Psalm 108
Chapter 8
The Prophets before the exile
Day 4
Watch Isaiah Part 1
Explore Isaiah
Read Isaiah 1-4
Read Psalm 109
Day 5
Read Isaiah 5-8
Read Psalm 110
Day 6
Read Isaiah 9-12
Read Psalm 111
Day 7
Watch Theme: Day of the Lord
Read Isaiah 13-17
Read Psalm 112
Week 16
At the end of last week, you saw the Assyrians come down and haul off the northern kingdom of Israel due to their idol worship and covenant unfaithfulness. As you progress through the remainder of 2 Kings, the prophets are going to explore the covenant rebellion and failure of Judah as well.

Sadly, this week you’ll see the same fate came upon Jerusalem also. There will be a few bright moments, like the reigns of Hezekiah and Josiah. But by the time you get into the final chapters of Kings, there is nothing to be hopeful about. However, the biblical story doesn’t end with 2 Kings! You will also read Isaiah 1-17, which will take us back to into Jerusalem a century before the exile. Isaiah offers a lot of reflection on why that disaster happened, and more importantly, he looks forward with hope.

Take your time in this book and digest the poetry slowly because the book of Isaiah became one of the most important biblical texts for Jesus and his disciples centuries later.
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Next week we will be reading through Isaiah 18-42, and watching the next installment in our Read Scripture: Isaiah Part 2.
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